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Giving comprehensive care has been the bedrock of this organization.  This site is specifically focused on patients looking to find information on Dr. Yelverton, office & hospital based procedures, and educational information on the most common benign and malignant diseases she treats as well as the options available for treatment of these illnesses.

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Dr. Yelverton specializes in both Surgical Oncology and General Surgery. She performs common surgical procedures including breast surgery, gallbladder surgery, gastric, intestinal and colon surgery, thyroid surgery and minimally invasive parathyroid surgery. In addition, she has expertise in skin and soft tissue tumor surgery including melanoma and sarcomas of the limbs, liver and pancreas surgery and both sentinel and radical lymph node procedures.

Dr. Yelverton also performs minimally invasive intestinal and biliary surgical procedures and offers office-based diagnostic breast and thyroid ultrasound as well as ultrasound-guided breast biopsy and benign breast tumor cryotherapy. She also performs outpatient stereotactic breast biopsy.

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